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U.S. Guns in Mexico Revisited April 28, 2009

Posted by kidkev in Mexican Standoff.
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I was thinking about my post regarding U.S. guns in Mexico and how Clinton and company are quoted as saying that “90% of the guns confiscated in Mexico are from the U.S.”.  As I stated in that post, this is simply not true.  There were 29,000 guns siezed in Mexico in 2008 and of those 29,000, 18,000 were from other countries (i.e. North Korea, Central America etc.) which brings me to my point.

I would like to see the stats (unfortunately not possible because they are untraceable) of the number of guns, from obvious other countries like North Korea that make their way into the U.S.!  Keep in mind the numbers they were throwing around,  “about 90% of the guns confiscated in Mexico are from the U.S”..  This number is actually quite smaller but they wanted to make it seem large.  As my post stated, 29,000 guns siezed in 2008, 11,000 were sent to the ATF for tracing for possible U.S. origin tracing.  That leaves 18,000 guns from other countries!

Are they trying to say that with our porous borders, more guns from these other countries are not finding their way here into the U.S. than the other way around?  That would seem like some very flawed thinking.   More guns were seized that were obviously from other countries (i.e. AK47, rocket launchers etc.) then were from the U.S..  Logic would dictate that if guns were coming from the U.S. across the border that the reverse would be true as well only in much larger numbers (11,000 possible U.S. origin to 18,000 of other countries).  Something to ponder the next time they want to throw some numbers around.

P.S. You cant’ buy hand grenades or rocket launchers in the U.S.!



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