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A Stimulating Plan For Who? May 15, 2009

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Where has all the money gone?  Well, the first report is in and they have no idea what thier talking about.  When asked about where the first $28 billion went to they were unable to answer the question.

The report was unveiled not by President Obama but by Vice President Joe Biden, who said it “shows early progress providing immediate financial relief for American families and jump-starting billions of dollars in job-creating projects.” In a press release, Biden claimed the stimulus has so far “created or saved” 150,000 jobs, and that “over 3,000 transportation construction projects have been funded in 52 states and territories.”

Biden seemed to have some info but where did it come from?  Let’s take a look and try to answer that.

You don’t have to look too hard to find problems with Biden’s work. First, nobody seems to know precisely where the figure of 150,000 jobs comes from. When President Obama used it in a speech on April 29, the website FactCheck.org pretty much demolished the claim. Previewing the Biden report on May 11, a “senior administration official” held a conference-call briefing with reporters and seemed unprepared when asked where the created-or-saved jobs actually are. “In terms of exactly where and in what sectors, that’s not something I have numbers on,” the official said, “because, precisely, we don’t yet have any of the reporting.”

Hmmm…Well that didn’t tell us anything or did it?  They have no idea is what this is telling atleast me.  They are trying to throw money at a problem (as history tells us that that’s what dems do, creat bigger government to fix the problem.  Bigger government costs more money, when are people going to figure this out?  BTW, what goverment program hasn’t gotten more expensive every year while never fixing the original problem?  Answer: none) I digress, they have no idea how to fix!

And where did it go? More than 95 percent has ended up in just two places: the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Labor. The Human Services money was poured into a program called FMAP, or the Federal Medical Assistance Program, where it was given to the states to help pay their Medicaid bills. The Labor money has gone for extended unemployment insurance benefits.

Ahhh…I see, like I said, more money into more failed governmant programs.

The report also shows that Health and Human Services will distribute by far the biggest chunk of stimulus money over the next year. The money has gone to HHS because it is the easiest place to spend lots of cash fast. But all that Medicaid and social services money, much of which will be used by state governments to cover their own spending excesses, is considered among the least stimulative parts of the stimulus bill.

And we see here that more money to be thrown at more failed programs.  Are you feeling stimulated yet?  How exactly is this helping?  Here are some more “anecdotes” from our leaders as to what to do with this stimulating money:

The rest of the report is a series of anecdotes, which Biden calls “Reports From the Field.” Some of the stories are well-worn. The Chicago window factory that has often figured in Obama-Biden discussions and photo-ops — it’s under new ownership and reportedly planning to rehire some laid-off workers. A Delaware company that makes traffic lights is said to be rehiring three laid-off employees. A South Carolina county is going to receive job-retraining money.
The stimulus is generating other anecdotes, too. Recently WBAL-TV in Baltimore reported that a local man, 83 years old, received a $250 Social Security stimulus check. The only problem was, it wasn’t for him — it was for his mother, who died on Memorial Day, 1967. WBAL said Social Security officials “blame the error on the strict mid-June deadline of mailing out all of the checks, which didn’t leave officials much time to clean up all of their records.” Would anyone be surprised if we see stories like this on local newscasts around the country?

Well, the only thing I can say is…How stimulating, I feel better already.  One more interesting note from Biden’s report:

At one point in the report, Biden boasts that the government has made commitments for $1.1 billion in stimulus spending every day since the $787 billion bill was signed into law in February. At that pace, it will take the administration nearly two years to come up with concrete plans to spend all the money — and longer still to actually get it out the door.

I’m feeling stimulated but not in a good way if you know what I mean.

Full article on report here.



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Top 10 Cities over 250K

Poverty in Our Major Cities

City, State, % of People Below the Poverty Level

1. Detroit , MI


2. Buffalo , NY


3. Cincinnati , OH


4. Cleveland , OH


5. Miami , FL


5.. St. Louis , MO


7. El Paso , TX


8. Milwaukee , WI


9. Philadelphia , PA


10. Newark , NJ


U.S. Census Bureau, 2006 American Community Survey, August 2007

What do the top ten cities (over 250,000) with the highest poverty rate all have in common?

Detroit, MI (1st on the poverty rate list)
elected a Republican mayor since 1961;

Buffalo, NY (2nd)
hasn’t elected one since 1954;

Cincinnati, OH (3rd)
….not since 1984;

Cleveland, OH (4th)
….not since 1989;

Miami, FL (5th)
has never had a Republican mayor;

St. Louis, MO (6th)
….not since 1949;

El Paso, TX (7th)
has never had a Republican mayor;

Milwaukee, WI (8th)
….not since 1908;

Philadelphia, PA (9th)
….not since 1952;

Newark, NJ (10th)
….not since 1907.

Einstein once said, ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’

It is the poor who habitually elect Democrats—yet they are still …………………..


“You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. You cannot build character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and independence. You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.”

Abraham Lincoln