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The non-racist of Iran to head Durban II? April 10, 2009

Posted by kidkev in Durban II.
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Could the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad be heading up Durban II?  While the info that he is heading up this meeting is not true, it could not be any stranger than Iran being a part of it.  How can Iran even be considered to be involved with this!  Iran has submitted numerous corrections and amendments to the proposed “anti-racism/human rights” documents that is being presented.

Iran made 13 suggestions about how the final declaration, to be adopted formally at the conference itself, could better protect human rights. And that bastion of civil rights Syria intervened to help draft a “human rights” declaration five times. By comparison, the Czech Republic, on behalf of the 27 members of the European Union, had something to say six times. When U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice gives speeches about the glories of being there, this what being there actually means. “

Now, do I really have to point out why this whole Durban II meeting is a sham?  Does any sane American think that these countries really have human rights as the main goal of this meeting and if you do believe they are the voice of human rights, I highly recommend you relocate to one of them to experience their human rights first hand (Code Pink where are you?).  Having Iran, Syria and company being the voice of human rights is somewhat akin to having a tax cheat in charge of the IRS… (My shoulder tapper is telling me to hold on for a sec.) What? Really…That cannot be true could it?  Well, strike that last comparison while I think of another. Hmmmm,  I know, I know…How about this; Having these countries in charge of human rights is like having the parties responsible for the banking melt down in charge of…What, really…you got to be kidding me. I have to go OT for a second.

You see, like Harry Caray the famous baseball announcer, I have a shoulder tapper that gives me bits of info to help me out due to the enormous amount of data to remember while putting your thoughts down i.e. “Let me hear you, a one ah two ah…Harry (shoulder tapper getting Harry’s attention) wait, it is only the 3rd inning…”  Ahh, the life of a shoulder tapper.

Anyway, I digress as well as give up on trying to give an example of this idiotic Durban II thing!  Wait, wait, I got it.  How about having these people at this meeting is like…Ahh forget it, I keep trying but our elected officials keep one-upping me.  Now I don’t know which is more insane!  I have to go now, I don’t feel so good.